Seeing a new perspective

Personally, I really was not sure how the first interaction with a preselected health coaching patient would pan out due to previous rapport. A two hour meeting later, I can firmly say I am looking forward to my next visit. Within our lectures, we are taught multiple treatment options for numerous lifelong conditions, but my coachee’s primary medical condition has never been fully developed in any of our classroomwork, she’s visually impaired. Throughout our first meeting this young spirited elderly woman spoke of the challenges she faces that we think as basic day to day activities. This isn’t something you can truly “modify” with exercise, nutrition options or medication. We discussed a few goals for the up coming weeks including her finalizing paperwork to use the local bus system, being more mobile especially outdoors and additionally my goal of looking at resources for those who are visually impaired. Having finally had a real health coach meeting, I do feel I have a new perspective on this opportunity.