Active Grants

12/2023 – 10/2028 (PI: Ivy Tso)
National Institute of Mental Health R01MH135117-01
“Progression of social cognitive deficits in mid- and late-life schizophrenia spectrum disorders”
Role: PI

07/2023 – 06/2025 (PI: K. Luan Phan)
Ohio Department of Health & Addiction Services
“State of Ohio Adversity and Resilience (SOAR) Study”
Role: Co-I

06/2023 – 05/2026 (MPIs: Woods/Kane/Bearden)
National Institute of Mental Health U01 MH124639
“Psychosis-Risk Outcome Network (ProNET)”
Role: Co-I
$1,148,106 (OSU subaward)

05/2023-04/2028 (PI: Sarah Sperry)
National Institute of Mental Health K23MH131601-01A1
“Affective and cognitive mechanisms of emotion-based impulsivity in bipolar disorder: Linking neural
oscillatory dynamics to real-world outcomes”
Role: Primary Mentor

05/2023 – 04/2028 (PI: Aubrey Moe)
National Institute of Mental Health K23MH131967-01A1
“Brain-behavior mechanisms of social cognition in first-episode psychosis”
Role: Primary Mentor

01/2023 – 01/2025 (PI: Sarah Sperry)
Brain and Behavior Research Foundation NARSAD Young Investigator Award
“Modeling longitudinal intraindividual mood dynamics in bipolar spectrum disorders”
Role: Primary Mentor

09/2022-08/2025 (PI: Carly Lasagna)
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
“Parsing the mechanisms of affective inhibitory control with model-based neuroscience”
Role: Primary Advisor

04/2021 – 01/2026 (PI: Katharine Thakkar)
National Institute of Mental Health R01MH121417
“Visual perception as a window onto prediction anomalies in schizophrenia”
Role: Co-I
$ 2,562,533

09/2020 – 08/2024 (PI: Alan Breier)
National Institute of Mental Health R01MH120588
“Academic-Community EPINET (AC-EPINET): Mitigating barriers to care”
Role: Co-I / UM site MPI (09/2020 – 11/2022)/ OSU site MPI (12/2022 – 08/2024)

05/2020 – 03/2025 (PI: Ivy Tso)
National Institute of Mental Health R01MH122491
“Disrupted eye gaze perception as a biobehavioral marker of social dysfunction: An RDoC investigation”
Role: PI

11/2019 – 8/2024 (MPIs: Keshavan/Schutt)
PCORI CER-2018C3-14701
“Comparative effectiveness of cognitive enhancement therapy versus social skills training in serious mental illness”
Role: Co-I (03/2023 – 8/2024)

09/2019 – 06/2024 (PI: Stephan Taylor)
National Institute of Mental Health R01MH118634
“Multi-modal assessment of GABA function in psychosis”
Role: Co-I