Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Ahmad (Ed) Ismail and I’m a student of The Ohio State University’s Master’s of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research program. As a recent initiate, I’m very optimistic for what the future holds. I plan to complete the program within a 19-month period as I continue to work full-time as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. I graduated with a B.S. in neuroscience (behavioral track) from tOSU in May of 2015 and am continuing to expand my knowledge of health science in academia and in the industry.

Within my current program, I am narrowing my focus on clinical pharmacology research and development. I plan to develop competency such that I can oversee a variety of clinical trials, but I’m also particularly interested in specializing for the oversight of neuropharmacological drug trials in the long run. Neuroscience is an experimental science that I would argue is still in its infant stages. The brain is a remarkable but fragile organ that requires constant examination, especially within the context of drug development. I look forward to becoming a direct part of the movement to treat cognitive, behavioral, and physiological deficits using pharmacology.

Please feel free to browse at your own leisure. I will post a variety of my own academic writing, first-hand experiences, and more pertaining to  the program as well as anything relevant to contemporary clinical research.

Thanks for viewing!