Our Team

Lab Director

Christina Dyar, Ph.D. she/her
Dr. Christina Dyar’s research aims to understand and reduce health disparities affecting LGBTQ+ populations, especially groups of LGBTQ+ individuals who have been underrepresented in research (e.g., LGBTQ+ women, nonbinary individuals, bisexual and pansexual individuals). She is particularly interested in understanding processes through which bias experiences by LGBTQ+ people (e.g., microaggressions, discrimination) impact mental health and substance use and how these processes differ across individuals. Her research often incorporates an intersectional perspective, aiming to understand the bias experienced by individuals with multiple marginalized identities (e.g., LGBTQ+ women, LGBTQ+ BIPOC individuals) and how this bias impacts their health. The overarching goal of their research is to inform interventions aiming to reduce health disparities impacting LGBTQ+ populations.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Emily Herry, Ph.D. they/them
Dr. Emily Herry’s research broadly focuses on understanding gender identity development across the lifespan and reducing health disparities impacting sexual and gender minority populations, with a special focus on gender minority populations. They are particularly interested in understanding the context and mechanisms of gender identity development among gender minority individuals as well as the context and mechanisms through which stress (e.g., bias-based bullying, structural stigma, exclusion from social groups) impacts suicidal thoughts, behaviors, and other mental health concerns. They are also interested in developing and testing interventions to reduce mental health disparities among gender minority populations. Additionally, their research has used cross-sectional, community-based, and qualitative methods to examine factors that are associated with bystander responses to gender minority victimization and exclusion, in order to identify potential mechanism for interventions to target to promote positive bystander responses to gender minority victimization and exclusion.

Research Associates

Julia Curtis she/her
Julia graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in psychology and is interested in research in gender and sexual minorities and the longterm effects of minority stress on mental health outcomes. Julia plans to pursue a PhD in psychology in the upcoming years. Outside of work, you can find her exploring local parks with her dog, playing the piano, or trying out new recipes.