5. The distribution of the iPhone


Although iPhone is not advertised everywhere around the world, it is distributed to a lot of countries in the globe. Apart from the countries that receive advertisement for the phone, Argentina, Columbia and Chile in South America, Norway, Sweden and Finland in Europe, South Africa in Africa, Russia, Turkey and India in Asia, and New Zealand in Oceania are notable countries that officially sell iPhone.



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As a popular product, iPhone is widely distributed around the world. While the iPhone has the biggest sales in the North America, other regions such as Europe and Asia also contributes to a notable amount of iPhone sales.




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There are some interesting patterns in the distribution of iPhone. It is being equally used by men and women in all ages. On the contrary, Android phone, the major competitor of iPhone, is mostly used by men around 30 years.



Whitney, Lance. “Half of iPhone users buy at least an app a month.” CNET. 25 Feb. 2015. Web. 6 April 2015.


The distribution of iPhone has a positive social impact on the sales of the phone’s app, which benefits the US econmy. Because iPhone is being distributed around the world and it is welcomed by men and women in all ages, 50% of iPhone users buy at least one paid app per month, which generates more than 10 billion of revenue for the Apple. On the contrary, only 21% of Android users do so in a monthly basis. Also, the popularity of the iPhone apps creates more than 300,000 jobs. Different from the jobs in iPhone’s manufacture process, the iOS app jobs are taken by professional engineers, who are highly skilled in computer engineering. The jobs are not very stable but once the engineer designs a popular app, he or she would earn a lot of money. Those jobs also benefits the US economy to a large extent.





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