6. The recycle of the iPhone


iPhone is mostly recycled locally, a cost-effective way to protect the local environment as well as lower the cost of recycling. Therefore, the countries where the distributions of iPhone take place also participate in the recycle of the phone.


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Apple cares a lot about recycling, and it believes that improving the environmental performance of its business starts with the product. The ultracompact design of the iPhone enables the material efficiency, reducing the energy consumed during production and material waste generated after the iPhone’s life cycle. Also, the iPhone is mostly made of aluminum, a material that is easier to recycle than plastic, which is not very environmental friendly.


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Also, the packaging for iPhone 6 is highly recyclable, for it’s made from bio-based materials, including fiberboard that contains 90% post- consumer recycled content. In addition, the packaging of the iPhone 6 is so compact that 50% more units can be carried in the airplane shipping containers than the first-generation iPhone.


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The recycle of iPhone has caused little negative ecological impact on the society. Because the iPhone and its packaging has an ultracompact design and environmental-friendly material use, The phone is ideal for recycle and it generates little waste to the environment after the product life. In addition, Apple offers and takes part in a number of product take-back and recycling programs in 95% of the regions where iPhone is sold, minimizing the negative ecological effect in the local regions.

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