4. The advertising of the iPhone


Apple advertises iPhone on its website and TV commercials. The main countries that receive iPhone’s TV commercials are mostly developed countries. Apart from the US in North America, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy in Europe, Japan and South Koera in Asia, and Australia in Oceania are developed countries that often receive TV commercials for iPhone. Developing countries like Brazil, China also receive advertisement for iPhone, but it’s less often.



Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. The huge success of the iPhone is attributed to Apple’s impressive and innovative advertisements.



Ward, Emily. “The Release of Apple’s “Bigger than bigger” iPhone 6”. The Daily Campus. 23 Sep. 2014. Web. 11 April 2015.


One of the most innovative advertisments Apple does is its advertising film, which introduces the new product in real time. The iPhone 6 is the biggest iPhone Apple ever makes. While most of the people focus on the bigger display, Apple uses small films that demonstrates the iPhone 6 is “bigger than bigger”, introducing a lot of upgrades to the phone that is unprecedent. For example, the iPhone 6 has a slow motion video recording capacity, which lets people shoot HD video at either 120 fps or 240 fps in 720p. The apple gives a video that shows a man skipping using the slo-mo feature, which is very impressive. The slo-mo feature shows the excellent skills the man is using in a sharp display (http://www.apple.com/iphone-6/cameras/), a great function for those who loves to shoot videos. By showing people what the iPhone 6 can do in real time, Apple is able to deliver the new features of the iPhone vividly.



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The advertising of the iPhone not only benefits the sale of the phone, but also has huge social impact on the cell phone industry. It sets a high standard for the industry, and a lot of cell phone companies imitates iPhone’s features in order to attracts customers. For example, after iPhone 6 was announced, Sony showed a new advertising image for their new cell phone Xperia X3 with a slogon “better than bigger”, indicating the phone was better than the iPhone 6. Whether Sony’s phone is better than iPhone is open to discussion, but such a phenomenon suggests iPhone’s high popularity and its huge influence on the cell phone industry.




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