Welcome to Comparative Studies 1100, Introduction to the Humanities!

Hi everyone, and welcome to our course!

If you have not already, please visit our Carmen page (which should be visible in your courses for this semester when you log in to carmen.osu.edu). The course is Carmen-based, so if you are having trouble logging in there, you need to contact Carmen support services at carmen@osu.edu, by phone at 614-688-4357, or by TDD at 614-688-8743. You should also let me know, but be aware that I cannot fix technical issues.

This site is our course blog, which will be used for three purposes:

  • Your Blog Contribution assignment, for which you will provide contextual information on a topic related to the week’s reading. Sign-ups for that happen through Carmen, and each person will contribute once. You should bookmark this page and read the three posts for the week before doing the reading.
  • The Diary of Systemic Injustices Showcase assignment in the middle of the semester, in which each person will contribute a short essay based on one installment of your Diary of Systemic Injustices, and others will comment. Descriptions of those assignments are available on Carmen. 
  • The Text Review portion of your final project, which you will receive more information about midway through the semester.