A Small Place Review

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A Small Place, written by Jamaica Kincaid is separated by four somewhat connected sections and tells of the beauty of Antigua. She first asks the reader to become a hypothetical tourist exploring this gorgeous country. She explains the natural beauty of Antigua seems almost unreal until the tourist looks closer at the poverty-stricken towns and corrupt mansions surrounding them. She places her emphasis on an old library that was destroyed by an earthquake ten years ago and still has not been repaired. She delves deeper into the “colonial possession” held by Great Britain and Antigua’s subject to casual racism by it. Kincaid talks about English rule over Antiguans and their thoughts toward this racism which she explains, they do not seem to recognize it. I believe the Antiguans’ identity was stripped away from them after the colonization of Great Britain. Every aspect of their lives and culture were drastically changed forever and subjected to only expressing themselves in the language of their colonizers. Furthermore, the power demonstrated over the Antiguans was not only corrupt but ill-mannered towards the people there. The injustice towards the Antiguans from the English colonizers is one of many instances around the world that native towns and cities are subjected to even in the present. The display of othering by Great Britain towards Antigua was evident by their neglect towards important structures, such as the library and education diminished after their independence. Kincaid witnessed their corrupt officials allowing many cases of abuse of their power such as drug smuggling and political violence. These extreme displays of othering, neglect, racial injustice, and abuse of power give us a depiction of the horrors people like Kincaid face every day. I believe Jamaica Kincaid wants us to realize the injustices that happen all around the world that are not covered by news or televised. She wants us to realize that corruption and othering aren’t always plain to see, and even the most beautiful places in the world can hide the most terrible injustices.

Yo Is This Racist? By: Austin Dayen & Mahima Vemuganti

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Social Impact of Black Panther

'Black Panther'

Movies are a passion of mine and they have been around for well over a century now. From Gone With the Wind to The Godfather and other movies like Star Wars; these classic films have changed the film-making industry and the world entirely. Then on February 16, 2018, the world witnessed another monumental success in this beautiful culturally colorful movie: Black Panther. With the movie grossing well over $1 billion worldwide, it has been seen as more than just a typical action-packed Marvel movie to most. Tre Johnson, a writer with Vox explains the importance of the movie when he states, “With an all-star collection of the majority-black talent both in front of and behind the camera, Black Panther, under the direction of Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale StationCreed), is about more than the latest superhero’s journey; it’s also about black culture’s journey, and it points toward a future where it could be the culture.”(Johnson, 2018) Johnson writes about how the Black Panther’s character, story, and culture has exponentially influenced the black community here in America. Not only has the film’s massive success been recognized by moviegoers, but the Academy Awards as well. The movie’s costume designer Ruth E. Carter became the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Costume Design. Also, Hannah Beachler was the first African American to win an Oscar in the category for Best Production Design. This film has not only changed the way movies are being made, but who makes them and what they stand for. I believe this movie was not only a continuation into the Marvel universe but a statement to all those who are viewing it. The social and cultural impact that the Black Panther has made are continuing to shape the hearts and futures of the next African American generation.



Johnson, Tre. “Black Panther Is a Gorgeous, Groundbreaking Celebration of Black Culture.” Vox, Vox, 23 Feb. 2018, www.vox.com/culture/2018/2/23/17028826/black-panther-wakanda-culture-marvel.