Lecture Material

Class lectures are presented using Powerpoint presentations, lecture videos, and complimentary multimedia resources. Select the name of the lecture to view the related presentations.

The material presented in this course has been designed to follow the structure of the course text book:

textbook options for course, third editions shown

Environmental Science for a Changing World, 1st Edition (2013) or 2nd Edition (2014) pr 3rd Edition (2018), by Houtman, Karr, and Interlandi, published by W.H. Freeman.  This textbook is available in three different formats:  paperback (~$100) or e-Book ($50-$75).  The material in the 1st and 2nd  or 3rd editions of this textbook is very similar, however, some chapter numbers are different in these two editions.

To purchase the textbook visit one of the following sites:  

  1. Go to http://www.coursesmart.com and type in Houtman in the Search box at the top of the page.  Our textbook will appear and you can purchase an eBook for about $75 for a 180-day rental.
  2. Or you can purchase or rent the textbook from www.Amazon.com or another retail site.