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student poster symposium with students presenting posters in Ohio Union

A scientific poster is an illustrated presentation of research that assists scientists, engineers, and other professionals to present their scientific data to larger audiences. Posters are often shown at events such as symposiums, conferences, and meetings to show new information to people in differing fields. For ENR 2100, students will be designing, constructing, and presenting a large-format scientific poster to their classmates. Students enrolled in the in-person section of the course will print and present their posters in-person at the Environmental Science Student Symposium. Students enrolled in the online section of the course will present their posters on Carmen in a Virtual Symposium and will not be required to print their poster. Posters should be written for an audience of university students, faculty, and professionals. The recommended class textbook provides excellent examples of topics (e.g., alternative fuels, electricity generation, resource use, pollution, mining, green architecture, waste water treatment, wildlife management, biodiversity, etc.). In addition, the accounts that @OSUEnViRo follows on Twitter are excellent sources of information to help select a poster topic. Previously presented posters can be viewed on the ENR2100 Poster Day website. The scientific poster assignment is worth 25% of the ENR2100 Final Course Grade. All poster assignments will be graded. Several good programs can be used to design large-format posters: Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, Omnigraffle, Scribus, LaTeX.

Assignment Resources

Poster Guidebook: Scientific Posters: A Learner’s Guide

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