Week 1

Tu: No class.

Introduction to the class, the lab and to each other. Overview of Internet Art, some examples. Homework: Read Ten Myths of Internet Art, by Jon Ippolito, and The Internet as Art, by Goran Mijuk.

Week 2

Discuss articles and the scope of “internet art” as a definition — The Internet vs. the World Wide Web. Look at more examples of Internet Art. Early HTML history: TimBL and his early HTML proof of concept. Introduction to HTML – HTML basics – what <tags> are, storing hidden meta data within text. Basic page structure (<html>, <head>, <body>) and using tags. Making your first web-page. Super simple intro to CSS. Start creative assignment #1.

Homework: Read the Pocket HTML Tutorial (Chpt. 1 and 2), and read / do examples on HTML Basics at w3schools. Work on creative assignment #1.

Week 3

More CSS. Optimizing images for the web and using them in pages. The different image formats (GIF, JPG, PNG). Intro to animated GIFs. Adding pages to your site, using links, relative vs. absolute links, a website as a self-contained project, making a ZIP file, the importance of the “index.html” file. Work on creative assignment #1.

Homework: Read the chapter on Jodi. Make sure to explore (*hint, view the page source). Read the chapter on Cory Arcangel and explore Cory’s work.

Week 4

Critique creative assignment #1. Introduction to web-hosting and FTP, domain-names, nameservers, etc., how the server (Apache, etc.) works, intro to FTP, don’t forget that “index.html” file, difference between the “client” and the “server”, different technologies behind the web (javascript, php, Flash/Flex), just what is HTML 5 anyway? Start creative assignment #2.

Homework: Sign up for a hosting account and get an FTP client set up on your own computer. Work on creative assignment #2.

Week 5

Introduction to image maps and Dreamweaver. Work on creative assignment #2. Image maps as cheap interesting navigation to keep users engaged. More about image maps and Dreamweaver, and the interactive site template. 

Homework: Check out LTLYM website. Listen to NPR Radio Hour on The Power Of Crowds. Work on creative assignment #2.

Week 6

Critique creative assignment #2. Introduction to javascript (where to put your code, dialog boxes and variables) and why we need “code” in our pages. More about javascript – variables and functions. Start creative assignment #3.

Homework: Begin the JavaScript track at Codecademy. Read Five Problems With Showing Internet Art. Work on creative assignment #3.

Week 7

Using external files for CSS and javascript. Linking to an external javascript library and using jQuery. Discuss Christopher Pool video. jQuery basics. Work on creative assignment #3.

Homework: Watch TED video of Christopher “moot” Poole on the case for anonymity online. And begin the jQuery track at Codecademy. Work on creative assignment #3.

Week 8

Tu: Technical demo TBD. Work on creative assignment #3. More jQuery. Homework: Watch Kevin Kelly TED talk on the next 5000 days of the web.

Th: Discuss Kevin Kelly video. Technical demo TBD. Work on creative assignment #3. Homework: Read chapter Chapter 10: “Property” from Free Culture.

Week 9

Tu: Critique creative assignment #3. Technical demo TBD.

Th: Discuss final project proposal. Technical demo TBD. Homework: Write a proposal of what you would like to do for your final project, include three visuals/drawings that you will use to present your idea to the rest of the class.

Week 10


Week 11

Tu: Discuss final assignment and exhibition. Students present their ideas for their final project. Technical demo TBD.

Th: Present your final project ideas to the class. Technical demo TBD.

Week 12

Tu: Technical demo TBD. Work in class on final project. Homework: Read Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Napier chapter in the New Media Art book.

ThTechnical demo TBD. Work in class on final project.

Week 13

Tu: Work in class on final project.
Th: Project progress presentations to the class. Be ready to get and give feedback that will help everyone’s class projects develop into amazing artworks.

Week 14

Tu: Work in class on final project.
Th: Class critique of completed final projects. – You need to upload your assignments to your web space, and provide your site as a compressed zip file. If your project is not submitted correctly, you will not receive a grade.

Week 15

Tu: TBD.
Th: Last day of class