You will write several research articles during the semester. For each assignment, I will provide some brief information the topic and questions to be addressed, but you will need to do some searching to find meaning beyond the initial (or most popular) version of the story. These short writing assignments should be around 250 words in length (one page, double spaced), written in a casual tone, reflect your opinion about the subject, and attempt to answer the questions provided.

Imagine this is a short column in a magazine, an “opinion” piece. Try to avoid automatic / cliche assumptions about the internet — i.e. “I dunno, that person’s probably just a troll”, or that everything is possible because “the internet allows informatino to travel so fast”. Think about real human motivations behind actions. People do things for a reason. The internet is just a tool.


1 – Typography

Create a one-page artwork using only text. You will arrange and change the properties of the text (font, size, color, etc.) with CSS. You may not use any images, or animation effects (i.e. javascript, etc.)

2 – Image

Create a one page artwork using only images. You may use any of the formats we have discussed (GIF, JPG, PNG) to get your desired effect. You must use at least one animated GIF to add motion to your artwork. Position and size of images should be set with CSS.

3 – An Interactive World

A website is like a self-contained little world, and the web-browser is the window into that world. The simple architecture of the internet gives us the basic tools to create a world for the user to step into.

You will be creating an interactive world from your own imagination using animated GIFs, javascript, and html. You can use any imagery of your own creation (photos, drawings, 3D models) to create this world, and there does not need to be a “point” to the exploration. Just remember that you are creating a user experience as you build your project.

Your project MUST include of some kind of moving/changing images (via animated GIF or javascript) and sound.

4 – Final Project

Working from your own personal artistic interests, you will create an internet artwork to be presented in the final art and tech exhibition. There are no guidlines for this assignment except that you should develop a work that is worthy of both our exhibition and your own portfolio. Create a work that you feel proud to present.


CONCEPT – idea, intention and meaning. Does the artwork clearly communicate something to other viewers? 25%

CREATIVITY – originality of thought and expression. Does the artwork show innovation and uniqueness? Did the artist solve the given assignment problem in an expected or unexpected way? 25%

COMPOSITION – arrangement and organization of elements.Has the artist carefully considered elements such as balance, proportion, texture, color, shape, and positive/negative space? 25%

CRAFTSMANSHIP – attention to detail. Does the artist skillfully manipulate the images? Are all details carefully finished and/or intentional-looking? 25%