Interfaith, Reflection and Quiet Rooms

Interfaith, Prayer, Reflection, Meditation and Quiet Rooms

  • Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room, 3020C Ohio Union (contains two ablution rooms)
  • Meditation and Reflection Room, 191 Arps Hall (beside the health screening room)
  • Meditation and Reflection Room, 291 Campbell Hall
  • Quiet Room, A225 PAES Building
  • Wellness Room, 57 Thompson Hall
  • Interfaith Prayer Room, 246 Atwell Hall
  • Wellness Room, 050 and 060 Eighteenth Avenue Library
  • Meditation Room, 008 Meiling Hall (medical students only)
  • Quiet Room, 251 Electro Science Laboratory
  • Quiet Room, 178 Knowlton Hall
  • Quiet Room, 223D Gerlach Hall

Rooms on regional campuses

  • Meditation and Reflection Room, 132 Morrill Hall, Marion Campus
  • Meditation Room, 209 John and Christine Warner Library and Student Center, Newark Campus