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Recent results from our Ford Alliance project have been highlighted in C&EN on Sept. 21, 2020.


Congrats, Jason and Cheng-Han!

Our MSE department has posted the story on Twitter and Facebook.

A research team including Jason Wu of Ford Motor Company, Joerg R. Jinschek, and Cheng-Han Li of The Ohio State University has shown that treating commercial CZO with hydrogen can strip toxic combustion from automobile engine emissions. Research was funded in part by Ford-OSU Alliance program.…/Improved-version-oxygen…/98/i36

Posted by Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University on Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Our first AM paper has been accepted:



Shao M., Vijayan S., Nandwana P., Jinschek J.R., The effect of beam scan strategies on microstructural variations in Ti-6Al-4V fabricated by electron beam powder bed fusion, Materials & Design (2020),


First publication as a result from our Ford Alliance project.


Kayla, Meiyue, WenyiZanlın, Cheng-Han, Sriram and Joerg attended the 2020 Virtual M&M conference.


Many of us participated in the Machine Learning bootcamp at the University of Maryland.

Machine Learning for Materials Research Bootcamp & Workshop on Machine Learning Microscopy Data“, July 20 – 24, 2020


Cheng-Han, congrats! Very detailed work identifying nanoscale sigma phase using SAED tilt series and HR-STEM imaging.

Free download available here (until August 25, 2020)


Zanlin attended virtual EMC 2020 (62nd Electronic Materials Conference) with an oral presentation “Nanoscale Polymorph Determination in Functional Metal Oxides Using Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction“.

This is a collaboration with Perena Gouma (Advanced Ceramics Research Laboratory).


We all participate in the 2020 CCEM Summer School – Online Edition

“A 5-DAY LECTURE SERIES for users with experience in electron microscopy, on the fundamentals  of aberration-corrected imaging, electron energy loss spectroscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, electron tomography,  ultimate physical limits (beam damage and resolution), and DPC microscopy. The aim is to provide attendees with a broad range of lectures from experts in Transmission Electron Microscopy from around the world. The lecture series is based on the CCEM Summer School on Advanced Microscopy with content tailored to an online forum and for a mix of intermediate to advanced users.”

Date: June 8 – 12, 2020
Location: Online

Thank you CCEM for this great opportunity!


Joerg has been interviewed by Mitch Jacoby (ACS’ C&EN) to comment on

Kavli Foundation announces 2020 prizes 

In the nanoscience category, the Kavli Foundation is honoring Harald Rose of Ulm University and Technical University of Darmstadt; Maximilian Haider of instrument maker Corrected Electron Optical Systems, Heidelberg; Knut Urban of the Jülich Research Center; and Ondrej L. Krivanek of Nion for developing corrective lenses for electron microscopes. These aberration-correcting lenses focus a microscope’s electron-beam with exceptional precision and, as a result, have pushed the resolving power of electron microscopes to the sub-angstrom level, making atom-resolved chemical analysis in three dimensions standard.

For decades, electron microscopists endeavored to resolve individual atoms in the materials they studied. Occasionally they succeeded, but the images tended to be fuzzy, lacking sharp contrast between neighboring atoms, rows of atoms, and distinct materials at interfaces. That all changed when aberration correctors came on the scene, originally in the 1990s, and then commercially a few years later.

“The power of these inventions goes beyond microscopy,” says materials scientist Joerg R. Jinschek of the Ohio State University. By providing the ability to scrutinize subtle changes in the composition and structure of metals, semiconductors, and other types of specimens in extreme detail, these innovations “revolutionized nanoscale characterization of materials.”

(see original article)


Alexa Elizondo, Evan Hass, Chris Chae and Chris Blackwell, all graduated this spring. Congratulations and all the best.

Alexa and Evan have decided to continue their career in industry. Evan will start as a Technical Solutions Engineer @ Epic Systems in Madison, WI.

Chris and Chris have decided to continue their education in graduate school (GRA): Chris Chae in the Hwang group @ OSU, Chris Blackwell in the Arnold group @ UW—Madison.

It was pleasure to work with you. Good luck. See you again, or as we say in German “Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben!”


“Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben!” – a German phrase that makes goodbyes easier. The phrase literally translates to “you always meet twice in life” – meaning: You shouldn’t burn bridges, since chances are you’ll see your acquaintances at least once more in the course of your lifetime.


A while back, Cheng-Han supported Henry Ayoola, a student from Judith Yang‘s research group (University of Pittsburgh) by performing cryo EELS experiments for “Probing the Local Bonding at the Pt/γ-Al2O3 Interface“. The paper was just accepted @ The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.


Chris Chae successfully defended his undergraduate research thesis. Congratulations!

He will be graduating with Honors Research Distinction.


Chris Blackwell successfully defended his undergraduate research thesis. Congratulations!

He will be graduating with Honors Research Distinction.



Chris Blackwell received the Department Chair’s Awards as one of the outstanding senior scholars in the Materials Science and Engineering Program at this year’s Undergraduate Students Awards Banquet. Congratulations!!


Chris Blackwell and Chris Chae attend OSU’s Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and present their undergraduate research projects (see MSE news).

Chris B presented, “Investigation of the Microstructures of Additively Manufactured Inconel Alloys”. Chris C presented, “Investigation of Rhodium-based Species in Aged Rhodium-Alumina (Rh/AI2O3) Catalysts.” Congratulations on their very professional presentations. Well done!


TMS 2020

Chris B, Meiyue, Cheng-HanSriram and Joerg attend TMS 2020 (February 23-27, 2020) at San Diego, CA.

Christopher Blackwell: Investigation of the Effect of Beam Scan Strategies on the Microstructure of EBM Additively Manufactured Inconel 738 Builds

Meiyue Shao: Study the effect of thermal signatures on microstructural variation of EBM additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V builds

Cheng-Han Li: In-situ Heating S/TEM Observations of Weld Microstructure Evolution in Ni-30Cr Alloy with Tantalum and Molybdenum Additions

Sriram Vijayan: In-situ TEM heating experiments to study the effect of thermal gradients on additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V builds

There, we also met many of our MURI project collaborators.


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