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High-resolution HAADF-STEM images of fresh as-prepared catalysts of (a) Rh/t-CZO, (b) Rh/pyr-CZO-1200 °C, and (c) Rh/pyr-CZO-1500 °C. The corresponding aged catalysts at 910 °C for 16 h under redox conditions are presented in (d), (e), and (f).

STEM-EDS of interdendritic phases in Ni-30Cr weld metal

Identification of MC carbide using SAED and TEM dark field.

SAED tilt experiment: distinguish between Laves phase and sigma (σ) phase.

HAADF-STEM images of sigma (σ) phase along the [101] zone axis.

Oral student presentation @ EMC 2020


Probing the Local Bonding at the Pt/γ-Al2O3 Interface


In-situ S/TEM Heating Experiments to Study the Effects of Cyclic Thermal Gradients in Additive Manufacturing Build Processes


TEM Investigation on the Relationship Between Catalytic Activity and Structure in Rh/Al2O3 Catalysts


NAM26 – 2019 North American Catalysis Society Meeting


In-situ TEM Heating Experiment to Study Effects of Cyclic Thermal Gradients on Ti-6Al-4V under Additive Manufacturing Growth Conditions


Focused Ion Beam Preparation of Specimens for Micro-Electro-Mechanical System-based Transmission Electron Microscopy Heating Experiments


A MEMS ‐based heating holder for the direct imaging of simultaneous in‐situ heating and biasing experiments in scanning/transmission electron microscopes


Chromatic Aberration-Corrected Tilt Series Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanoparticles in a Whole Mount Macrophage Cell


Cc-corrected EFTEM: EFTEM images used to construct the Si L2;3 elemental map by means of the three-window technique in the chromaticand spherical-aberration corrected electron microscope. All images were taken using a 40 eV wide energy window. (a) Pre-edge image centered at an energy loss of 55 eV. (b) Pre-edge image centered at 75 eV. (c) Post-edge image centered at 120 eV. (d) Resulting atomic-resolution elemental map; a standard ‘‘average background subtraction filter’’ was applied. Standard conditions for the NCSI mode were applied in all images


STEM micrographs of the glass-ceramic obtained at 600 °C after 60 h (a) and the corresponding HRTEM micrographs (b, c); (d) compositional analysis of an EDXS line scan across two nano-crystals, indicated with a yellow arrow in (a).


Fe-N nanocrystals and nitrogen-containing inclusions in a GaN layer (grown at 900degC)


Science (2012): Visualizing Gas Molecules Interacting with Supported Nanoparticulate Catalysts at Reaction Conditions


Micron (2015) – Observing gas-catalyst dynamics at atomic resolution and single-atom sensitivity – Schematics of the parameter window of dose, dose-rate and exposure time enabling high-resolution TEM observations under non-invasive illumination.


Image resolution and sensitivity in an environmental transmission electron microscope

ETEM: HRTEM resolution

ETEM: STEM resolution



Three-dimensional fabrication and characterisation of core-shell nano-columns using electron beam patterning of Ge-doped SiO2


Nature (2012)


Knut Urban, Electron microscopy: The challenges of graphene, news & views, Nature Materials 2011 – HRTEM image of single and bilayer graphene with atomic resolution.

Cover of Microscopy Today 2011: Still “Plenty of Room at the Bottom” for Aberration-Corrected TEM


Cover of Carbon 2011: Quantitative atomic 3-D imaging of single/double sheet graphene structure


Cellular uptake mechanisms of functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotubes by 3D electron tomography imaging


Discrete Dynamics of Nanoparticle Channelling in Suspended Graphene


Experimental Evidence of Self-Limited Growth of Nanocrystals in Glass


Atomic Resolution Imaging of In Situ InAs Nanowire Dissolution at Elevated Temperature


3-D reconstruction of the atomic positions in a simulated gold nanocrystal based on discrete tomography: Prospects of atomic resolution electron tomography


Retrieval of absorptive potential variation in electron beam sensitive specimens using a single energy‐filtered bright‐field TEM image


HRTEM observation of tetragonal nanotwins within the monoclinic MC phase of PMN-0.35PT


Alteration of nC60 in the presence of environmentally relevant carboxylates

C60 Colloid Formation in Aqueous Systems: Effects of Preparation Method on Size, Structure, and Surface Charge


The non-oxidative dissolution of galena (PbS) nanocrystals: Insights into mineral dissolution rates as a function of grain size, shape, and aggregation state


Editor’s Choice & Cover Picture: Quantitative electron microscopy of InN–GaN alloys


Physica B 2006: Time, energy, and spatially resolved TEM investigations of defects in InGaN


M&M 2004: FIB Preparation for HRTEM: GaN Based Devices