Hi! This website is not regularly updated; I’ll be moving to a new domain in the future. Currently, this Discord server is the central location for all discussion pertaining to these input displays. Please join if you are interested in commissioning one!

N64 Adapter – $20
GCN Adapter – $20
USB cable included!

United States – $5
CA / MEX – $12.50
UK / EU – $15

Ordering an input display:
1. You can place an order through:
Streamlabs: https://www.streamlabs.com/shadowlugia/tip
Venmo: @jonathonbrady
Your payment must include the price of the unit + shipping.

Feel free to either send me a DM on Discord/Twitter letting me know you’re about to place an order, or literally just send me money out of the blue. I don’t mind as long as I receive the information below somehow:

  • your full name and shipping address
  • the item you are purchasing and the quantity
  • your Discord username (if you want to receive updates on your order)

2. Ping me in the Discord when you’ve placed an order so I can easily determine who’s who. You don’t have to do this; I will send all commissions to the provided addresses regardless, but it helps us communicate easier.

3. Check Discord for updates.
I will post updates on all orders in my queue in #order-updates once every few days. You will receive a ping once your order has been shipped (assuming you have provided your Discord name) along with a USPS tracking link.

Expected delivery time:
Realistically, you can expect your order to be shipped within a few days of it being placed so long as I have supplies on hand. In the event that my queue fills up unexpectedly and I’m low on supplies, it may take several days before I am able to start building your input display. I will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

A lot of the common input viewer sellers are charging way too much for the actual amount of materials/effort involved. This is exactly what you are paying for when you purchase my input displays:

  • $2.44 – GameCube extension cable
  • $4.33 – RexQualis Nano v3.0
  • $1.50 – plastic enclosure
  • $11.73 – compensation and miscellaneous expenses, including
    • my time spent assembling the input display
    • purchasing misc. parts (solder, hot glue, electrical tape)
    • trips to the post office (time/gas money lol)

This seems like a fair breakdown to me. Depending on how quickly I aim to get parts delivered, I may spend more on shipping or order slightly different parts that are more expensive, but generally, roughly $10 of your payment goes to purchasing the parts necessary to build it, and the other $10 is split between buying small stuff and compensation for my time.

One last note:
If you’d like to give me a shoutout in your Twitch panels, on Twitter, or anywhere, that would be awesome. Of course, you are under no obligation to do so, but I want this service to grow so more people can use input displays (because they’re great) without overpaying.