Support from Classroom Services

As Ohio State continues to integrate more technology into its classrooms, timely support is integral to fostering and maintaining successful environments for learning.

ODEE‘s Classroom Services team exists to provide assistance to anyone scheduled in their almost 400 general use classrooms across campus. If you run into a problem in class, they’re just a call away at 247-HELP (4357). In order to respond quickly, they have staff located in 6 different offices across campus.  In addition to immediate support, Classroom Services also provides training for in-room technology, best practices for equipment usage, and proactive maintenance, reporting, and repair for other issues within these rooms.  Starting this fall, each of their supported classrooms will now have, at minimum, an instructor computer and permanently installed audio/video projection system.  

Both classrooms in the Innovative Spaces Program are supported and maintained by Classroom Services and we highly recommend that all instructors accepted into the program schedule time to meet with one of their staff early in the term or before the start of classes. Their team is staffed to help out and answer your questions throughout the term, 7am-10pm Monday-Thursday, and 7am-5pm Fridays. Contact 247-HELP (4357) for immediate support or email to schedule an appointment.

Want to learn more? Check out the Classroom Services website to submit an online request, browse the classrooms they support, and more.