Innovative Spaces Applications for Fall 2016 are now Open!

Innovative Spaces applications for the Autumn 2016 semester are open through January 8, 2016.

Looking for a space to complement your interactive content?  Our Innovative Spaces are designed to help promote active-learning strategies that engage students in activities like group exercises or problem-based learning while utilizing responsive mobile technology.  To receive priority scheduling in one of these classrooms, instructors must attend two 90-minute learning workshops and participate in assessment of the space.

For detailed information about the rooms available, including seating count, amenities, and a virtual tour, check out our spaces page.

Register now to attend one of our workshops on the following dates/times:

In collaboration with UCAT, these workshops strive to help participants develop strategies for active learning pedagogy, identify university resources for teaching and training support, understand the purpose and scope of this program, and provide more information about applying for the program.  Each session is held in an Active Learning Classroom and employs group work and other active learning strategies that help demonstrate how to the space can be used.

Be sure to apply before January 8, 2016 to have your fall 2016 course scheduled in one of these spaces.