What’s it like teaching in an Innovative Space at OSU?

A new active learning space at Ohio State is wrapping up its inaugural semester.

Stillman Hall 135 features four monitors and one large writeable projection screen, all equipped with Apple TVs for wireless display from any iOS device. A cart with 30 iPads is always in the room and the mobile pod desks enable group work and facilitate collaboration, a central goal for improving the student experience.

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning developed the space in continuation of its long-running partnership with the Classroom Readiness Committee. ODEE’s collaboration with the Office of the University Registrar ensures that the seats are always filled.

A group of faculty and staff from the College of Social Work (CSW) has partnered with ODEE to conduct research on the active learning space’s impact on the student and faculty experience. Surveys were recently distributed to all students and CSW instructors who used the room. The results are coming in and data analysis is kicking off. We look forward to widely sharing what we learn from the results, with publications and presentations to appear 2014-2015.

Inquiries about the research study can be directed to Sam Craighead.

Reposted from the Office of Distance Education and eLearning at The Ohio State University.

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