Grabbed Plate-They were stuck together so grabbing just one was hard. There was a small opening in the plastic so when I tried to pull the plate it pulled the whole bag.

Grabbed knife from drawer-Easy task did not find a problem

Grabbed paper towel-Had to rip it hard and be conscious of it so it did not pull the whole roll.

Put trash bag back in the trash can- Jorge had to shake the bag several times while reaching his arm in the bag in order to expand it to put in the trash can. He had a hard to stretch bag over the edges of the trash can.

Pulled trash bag out-This was easier to do and did not have a problem with one hand




Opened bread bag-This was easy, but took way more time than usual trying to twist the bag.

Opened peanut butter-Had to put it between my legs to open the peanut butter.

Spread peanut butter-This was hard and made my hand hurt after a while. I had to try and hold the bread down with my hand while spreading it because the peanut butter would just pull the bread along.

Screwed in the wine bottle-It was hard to get a grip in order to screw it in. I had to push down really hard in order for it to grab onto the cork and twist in.



Cut the peanut butter sandwich- the plate would slide-could be dangerous, could not cut back and forth-only could press down

Opened Jelly – was relatively easy, had a pop cap, but probably need big hands for it to be this easy.

Applied Jelly- squeezing jelly was hard with 1 hand, if it is almost empty it would be very difficult

Spread jelly-This was pretty easy but again plate/bread would move around. I had to find ways to grip the plate.

Closed the bread bag-Chris had to hold the bag between his legs to stabilize it in order to tie it shut.




Cleaned the knives – covered in peanut butter and jelly. Two different knives because we didn’t clean them in between

Turned on water – not too challenging. I had to set down the knives in the sink. If there were a bunch of dishes in the sink it might have been more difficult

Added dish soap – also not too difficult. The bottle wasn’t that large and the top was already open

Grabbed a paper towel – this was probably the most challenging part. I had to rip the section off without taking it off the paper towel rack. I decided to use my teeth to hold the sheet while ripping it off. Also could have used a cloth towel.

Dumped Onions into pan-This was hard to guide the onions easily in. There we pieces that ended up missing the pan, and therefore making a mess.

Grinding Salt-This was completely impossible. There is an option of using shake salt, but if you wanted grinded pepper that would definitely be a problem.

Threw the trash in the dumpster-Joe did this very easily, so Rachel tried because she was much shorter. It was not as easy for her to get the bag over the edge and simultaneously hold up the lid




Took out the garbage bag-The garbage bag was not very hard to pull out of the trash can, but if the bag was bigger or heavier, it would’ve been harder to use one hand/arm

Tied the Garbage bag-I could not tie the garbage bag completely, but I looped it once. Very challenging

Put garbage in the dumpster-Putting the garbage in the dumpster was not hard as I was tall. When Rachel tried, she could barely lift the lid high enough

Retrieve cutting board, knife, pan-These tasks were not difficult, as the items were easy to access

Dice onion-Very challenging to cut into small pieces. The onion and chopping board kept moving while I was cutting. The onion was not very finely chopped in the end, I went back and chopped into finer pieces, adding time to the process

Opening wine bottle-Very challenging, the cork was hard to screw into, and I needed my legs as support