Jorge Morales Prototype

This “Vessel Opener” allows the user to have full stability of the container/bottle with a rubber base. Ability to change height depending on the height of bottle or container as well as tighten or loosen the grip depending on the diameter as well.  User has the ability to open a wine, beer, or any other container that would involve a can opener. The top of the wine opener is used as a twist mechanism so  the corkscrew can get in the cork.  Normal wine openers take that two step process but with this system with one pull back the whole cork comes out at once. No need to worry of the bottle spilling as the rubber grippers have complete control of the bottle.


Chris Gangl “POP” Pan Prototype

This pan allows the user to seamlessly stir, flip, and sauté vegetables. All the user has to do is press the yellow POP button on the handle and the middle surface of the pan becomes concave or convex, which flips around the veggies inside. The lid provides a shelter that not only retains heat, but also keeps the contents from spilling or popping out. This proves to be nothing short of a paradigm shifting popper.

Joseph Francis Prototype

This plate allows the user to easily spread condiments of all types onto bread with ease, using only one hand. The plate is constructed from a silicon material that will grip the surface below the plate, preventing its movement while working with the slice of bread. The non-slip plate construction holds the plate to the surface, and the raised square holds the bread in place while working with the slice of bread.


Rachel Robbins Prototype

This pan allows the user to flip their food without having to hold the pan with two hands or use a cooking utensil. Although this is slightly different than my original design, I had to create it this way in order for the flipping mechanism to work. With more resources I would have connected the internal pan to the handle so you would be able to rotate the whole handle and turn the food.

Camille Wyand Prototype

This Prototype helps the user transfer food they are cooking from a bowl or pan into another bowl or pan on the stove. This device lets the user attach their bowl, after attaching they can adjust it to be over their pan, and then they can use their one hand to easily scoop the food into the pan.