Do you want to improve your ability to innovate, be creative, and develop your growth mindset?


Innovation Gyms are 2-hour design-thinking sprints with the goal of bringing students and companies together to innovate on real-world problems. Participants of Innovation Gym are students from all different majors, class rank, backgrounds, and associates of the sponsoring company. Having a diverse group is essential to creating innovative solutions. During the event, teams will be taught an innovation strategy with a large-scale problem they will need to work together to fix. No matter how large a problem, an individual with a trained growth mindset can tackle the problem with mental confidence that anything in this world is possible. Innovation Gym will provide a platform for students to build their critical thinking and visionary strategies while engaging with associates from the sponsoring company in a fun fast-paced problem-solving environment.

  • Train and build your innovative and creative mind
  • Network students and companies together to solve real-world problems
  • Analyze and tackle issues through a different method of thinking
  • Connect students with an office dedicated to providing innovation education

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