Hello CEA strawberry enthusiasts!

Welcome!  This is the site for everyone who wants to learn how to produce flavorful strawberries under controlled environment. 

The site was developed as an updated version of our older website that we developed in Arizona. The new site has newer information as well as practices needed for a wider range of climate conditions. Please contact us for suggestions and comments.  

3 thoughts on “Hello CEA strawberry enthusiasts!

  1. Hello,i have a couple questions. Im just starting out and wanting to start growing strawberries indoors with. Is there an estimate on strawberry production on a predetermined area of space as in say how many plants per sq feet,1000 sq feet in troughs. The amount that would yeild and also need to know the recommended lighting as well and also spacing.If anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it.thanks

  2. In Ohio can year long strawberry production be achieved if there is heating or cooling is available for greenhouse/hoop house production?

    Is there any strawberry growing in controlled environment in Ohio in which the environment is serviced with geothermal, hydroelectric, or solar energy in part or whole year round?

    The cost of running seasonal power to have continually running production is cost prohibitive if the energy source is 100% electrical grid.

    With climate change and the effects of such effect on CA in ground production would OH not be a viable alternative for consideration of various types of energy use in strawberry production? OH is centrally located for less travel days of product to most states and territories, and alternative energy and storage of such to use as power source is becoming more viable due to climate change. I think it creates a super opportunity for testing the validity of potential for high production possibilities of climate control strawberries in OH.

  3. It was mentioned many times throughout the 1st session the use of metal gutters in the control environment. Are these a specific metsl gutter and could vinyl gutters be used instead?

    Is there a life span of use of the gutters?

    Could black vinyl be used instead of white to draw in and maintain the heat of the strawberry plant root systems?

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