Earning YP4H Points for Study Participation


Did you know you can receive 500 YP4H points by participating in our study? Our study falls under the Healthy Lifestyle Programs in Your Plan for Health. In order to receive the points you must attend 13 of the 16 weekly sessions and 6 of 9 biweekly and monthly sessions. If you missed sessions but made them up, that will count towards your attendance. You can gain additional points by participating in other Healthy Lifestyle programs.

You will need to complete a Healthy Lifestyle Verification Form at the end of your group meeting sessions.  We can provide you with this form and you will fill it out and send it in. We will verify your participation and attendance with the Health Plan. You can visit https://yp4h.osu.edu/healthylifestyleprograms for further information.

To learn more about this year’s Incentive Program under Your Plan For Health visit https://yp4h.osu.edu/rewards/faculty-staff/