A Season of Change

Fellow Ohioans. We may not have mountains or ocean, but we do have autumn. With crisp air and beautiful changing leaves, our state puts on a show for several spectacular weeks. It is a time of change, as nature begins to slow down and let go, getting ready for the long rest of winter. It is also a great reminder for us to think about our own lives, and consider how we can incorporate rest as the days grow shorter and the season transitions. What things do you currently do to encourage rest in your life? It could be getting plenty of sleep at night, meditating, taking a walk, listening to music, being in nature, reading a good book, taking a hot bath, getting a massage. Rest comes in many forms. Explore some ways that work for you!

Being in nature is a great way to rest the mind and body, whether it’s taking a hike or just basking in the sun. The link below can help you keep up with the foliage changes in Ohio and discover some places to view this beautiful, Ohio autumn. Get out and enjoy!



Nourish yourself with some seasonal recipes! (Courtesy of Cooking Light)

Sweet Potato and White Bean Soup


Pumpkin-Apple Soup


Autumn Glow Salad