What are Participants Saying about the Program?

We asked participants to tell us about their experience in the study.  Here is some of what they had to say in response to the questions we asked.

Question:  Why did you join the Impact Diabetes Prevention study?

“I wanted to lose weight, become more active, lower my blood sugar, and prevent diabetes.”

“I saw my brother a few year ago who has diabetes.  I didn’t want to become vulnerable to this condition.  So, I wanted to learn about better nutrition and lifestyle.”

“I wanted to lose weight to protect my ability to enjoy hiking and biking.  I love the outdoors and want to be mobile as long as possible.”


Question:  What benefits have you seen as a result of changing your eating behaviors?

“My blood sugar is now in the normal range (woo hoo!).”

“I have an increase in my energy level and confidence.”

“My general sense of well-being is improved.”


Question:  What benefits have you seen as a result of becoming more physically active?

“I have a reduced appetite.”

“I am using the stairs and working out regularly to keep my muscles in tone.”

“Start small.  You may hurt a bit but you feel so much better after a walk.”

“My muscle tone and balance are improved.  The regular exercise has improved my mental state.  The default level is more balanced and happy.”


Please complete this sentence:  I was able to make these changes because I am . . .

“just like you.”

“determined to prepare and enjoy healthful and nutritious foods.”

“continuing to try even when I make a mistake…progress not perfection.”

“better educated and more aware of the food choices I make.  It works.  You can do it.”