Our High School

A message from teacher Michael Schwarten:

I.M.P.A.C.T. is offering Latino Westland High School students an opportunity that has yet to be offered anywhere else in Ohio, and my students feel the importance of that burden as they rally to seize this amazing opportunity to kick start their careers and better their family’s future. As their instructor, I am constantly looking to encourage a growth mindset as well as a collaborative environment that helps my students deepen their already unique lexicons, their understanding of Spanish writing norms, Latino history, culture and literature as they grow into young men and women that will build a better community of tomorrow by toppling communication barriers in Columbus, OH. As the year moves on, it becomes apparent to my students that we work hard to build an appreciation for their heritage and strive to preserve its vibrancy and uniqueness as it integrates with what the world perceives as “American culture.”


To anyone that is interested in learning more about the dynamics of my classroom at Westland High School, please feel free to contact me at mts0530@swcsd.us.


Michael Schwarten
Spanish Teacher
Westland High School