Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions about the major. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us at

What GPA is needed to apply to the major?

The IMME does not have a GPA requirement. All students are permitted to change to the IMME.

However, it is recommended for students to have earned grades of A’s and B’s in their introductory calculus and English courses.

What courses should I start with in the major?

All students should start by taking Math 1151 Calculus I, Math 1152 Calculus II, and Math 2153 Calculus III. These courses are prerequisites for all mathematics courses in the IMME.

Along with starting the calculus coursework, students should start their English curriculum. Students will need to complete English 1110 English Composition and English 2367.01 Language, Identity, and Culture in the US Experience before advancing to further English coursework.

Are there information sessions or open houses for the major?

At this time, the IMME is not holding any information sessions or open houses. Students wishing to meet with the IMME should visit IMME Advising to request a one-on-one appointment.

Can I minor in IMME?

We do not offer a minor in IMME. Students interested in a minor related to the IMME might consider an undergraduate minor in Mathematics or English.

Is it possible to get a second major in IMME?

Students are able to complete a second major (or dual degree) alongside the IMME and any other major at OSU. Students wishing to complete a double major will need to complete all required coursework in both majors.

Additional requirements may be required, so you will want to meet with your IMME advisor to discuss your situation.

Suggested second majors are Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Statistics, and any science discipline.

Note: Students are not permitted to complete a double major with English, Mathematics, or Actuarial Science and the IMME.

What degree will I get if I major in IMME?

The IMME leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Like all students pursuing a BS degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will also have to complete General Education (GE) Requirements.

The GE advising page for the IMME contains some guidance for selecting GE courses.