Finance/Actuarial Concentration

The financial and insurance industries are among the most prominent and complex industries in the world today.

With a strong computational background highlighting statistics and probability enhanced by strong writing, social awareness, and critical thinking skills, students in the Finance/Actuarial concentration will be competitive candidates in any corporate or commercial based career within the insurance, finance, investment, real estate, actuarial consulting, or banking industry.

Suggested minors and double majors

Students can pair virtually any minor or major at OSU with the IMME Finance/Actuarial program.

The most popular areas of study to pair with the IMME Finance/Actuarial concentration are Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, and Statistics.

Please note, students completing the IMME major are not permitted to complete an English or Mathematics minor or double major.

IMME Finance/Actuarial Concentration Requirements

The following required coursework allows the student to demonstrate strong computational skills highlighting statistics and probability, enhanced by strong writing, social awareness, and critical thinking skills.

Students may review the requirements for the IMME Finance/Actuarial Concentration below and on the IMME Finance/Actuarial Concentration Requirements [pdf] handout.

Prerequisite Courses

  • Econ 2001.01 Microeconomics (3 cr.)
  • Econ 2002.01 Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
  • English 2367 Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience (3 cr.)
  • Math 1151 Calculus I (5 cr.)
  • Math 1152 Calculus II (5 cr.)
  • Math 1295 Introductory Math Seminar (1 cr.)

Finance/Applied Concentration Requirements

  • CSE 2111 Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases (3 cr.)
  • Math 2153 Calculus III (4 cr.)
  • Math 2568 Linear Algebra (3 cr.)
  • Math 3618 Theory of Interest (3 cr.)
  • Math 4530 Probability (3 cr.) or Stat 4201 Introduction to Math Statistics I (4 cr.)
  • Stat 4202 Introduction to Math Statistics II (4 cr.)
  • Math 5632 Financial Economics for Actuaries (3 cr.)
  • English/Math 4420 Capstone Course for Integrated Major in Mathematics and English (3 cr.)
  • English 2269 Digital Media Composing (3 cr.)
  • English Methods Course (choose one of the following)
  • Diversity in English Studies Course (choose one of the following)
  • One English Elective Course at the 3000-level or higher (3 cr.)
  • Three English Elective Courses at the 4000-level or higher (9 cr.)