Curriculum and Concentrations

This page provides an overview of the Integrated Major in Mathematics and English. Students interested in pursuing the IMME should discuss their interests with an academic advisor as soon as possible, as early planning with an advisor will allow students to make timely progress toward satisfying the major’s requirements.

General Education Requirements

Ohio State’s General Education (GE) is an integral part of an Arts and Sciences education. General education, as embodied in Arts and Sciences, provides the development of knowledge, perception, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand society’s traditions and past, its accomplishments and aspirations, its relation and responsibility to the natural world, its diversity and plurality, and its problems and needs.

The goal is for you to attain a sense of self within society that invites a continuing desire and ability to learn and work with others for future realization of the human potential.


The IMME core requirements are innovatively designed to prepared students with high-level skills in both Mathematics and English stressing an integrative, complementary mastery of these disciplines.

The core combines a strong foundation in English including composition and methods, and the foundations for students to choose a mathematics concentration to match their interests.

IMME Concentrations

To complement the core, each student chooses a concentration within the major. The concentration is where students learn how the core fundamentals are applied in a particular field.

The four concentrations currently available are:


The English/Math 4420 capstone course will combine both professional development and leadership seminars and a capstone project on a topic chosen from real-world challenges submitted to the IMME program through our community and industry partners.

The course provides students with both a critical learning experience and an opportunity to synthesize and apply concepts learnt in the IMME in a real situation.

After completing the capstone course, students will have a broader understanding of their own personal strengths and can better determine which jobs require their particular set of skills, resulting in students who are better prepared to enter the workforce.