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Analyzing Expert Behaviors in Collaborative Networks, SIGKDD 2014

  • In collaborative networks, we deduce the cognitive process of task routing, and model the decision making of experts as a generative process where a routing decision is made based on mixed routing patterns.
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Synthetic Review Spamming and Defense, SIGKDD 2013

  • We introduce a very simple, but powerful review spamming technique that could fail the existing feature-based detection algorithms easily. A novel defense method that leverages the difference of semantic flows between synthetic and truthful reviews is developed.
  • [Demoposter]

Noise-Resistant Bicluster Recognition, ICDM 2013

  • We propose a novel model for biclustering, named AutoDecoder (AD), by relating biclusters to features and leveraging a neural network that is able to automatically learn features from the input data.
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