Efficiency in the Digital Age Blog Post

The most useful thing i learned this module is absolutely the concept of breaking down my projects. its so incredibly important for me to break them down to be able to work through my projects over time. For example I used breaking my projects down in my other courses to work on larger projects over time. I did a CSE project that would have taken me multiple hours over a few days and by doing that i felt as if i always came back to the project with more ideas and more information to help me work through the project even faster than i even thought i would. I could use the calendar in the future. It could be even more important than breaking down my projects as it would help me keep track and at least budget enough time to do my projects at once. My advice to students in the future would absolutely be to write every thing down and plan. I understand how easy it is to forget and move along with your life. Its so very easy to just move until something is due on the final day. You have to fight that. you must drive yourself and move forward. its just incredibly important.