IBE Student Spotlight – Mitali Singh

For this week’s student spotlight, we’ll take a look through the eyes of Mitali Singh!

Hello!! My name is Mitali Singh. I’m a first year Chemical Engineering major from Dublin, OH.

I spent most of high school not really knowing what I wanted to study in college. I took classes in all areas and realized I loved science, specifically chemistry. I thought chemical engineering could be a cool way of applying my passion for chemistry.

However, during my senior year in high school, I  got a job at Best Buy and loved it. Getting to interact with people and work towards a sales goal was so fun. IBE is where I could see two things I really like be able to collide. There is an endless number of routes I could take because of the opportunities that IBE provides.

IBE has been an absolute blast so far, but I honestly just love the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors class. I especially love my lab table in the back with Maari, Anita, and Neha and just getting to work through problems together. They are the absolute best.

My advice for prospective and current IBE students is to remember that life is so much more than the grades you get in your classes and even what job you get after college. Don’t get me wrong, these things are important, and continue to keep grinding. But when things seem to be rough and ugly, I want you to know that you have a purpose far bigger than your current circumstances and I would love to work that out with you!

One good thing that’s happened to me recently is that this past weekend, I was able to serve middle schoolers for their Wyld Life Fall Weekend! A group and I had different jobs ranging from housekeeping to cleaning the dining hall. It was tiring for sure, but so amazing to see the kids have so much fun and love life.

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