IBE Student Spotlight – Philip Bradshaw

Welcome to IBE’s Student Spotlight Series! Every 2 weeks, we’ll be highlighting a student from the program.

This week’s IBE student spotlight features Philip Bradshaw. Philip is a second year Marketing major with Engineering, Business Analytics, and Social Psychology minors.

When asked “why IBE?” Philip answers with a resounding response: “IBE was one of the BIG reasons for me to attend OSU. My philosophy is that all the greats in history never just studied one thing. They all were masters in many different disciplines. Eventually, I do want to work more in depth with advertising agencies or within a marketing department, but being able to work cross-functionally is super important in making an industry boom.”

His favorite IBE memory so far has got to be “team bonding” with his Team 7 homies last semester in Engineering 1282.04H.

Outside of IBE, he’s involved with Club Swimming, H2O Church, Photography Enthusiast Society, Scarlet Magazine, and BuckeyeFit.

Philip is passionate about photography: “I’m a fashion and editorial photographer, but I’ve only been shooting for a year. I first got into photography after my senior year pictures. My sister took my senior pictures while my family was on vacation in Hawaii, and I loved seeing the whole process from start to finish; and when I got a camera for my graduation present, I dragged all my friends on photoshoots, watched all of Jessica Kobeissi’s videos on YouTube, and started my own photography Instagram (@pb_phto). Over the summer I made a goal for myself to do at least 2 shoots a week, so I could really improve. And I definitely did! At the end of the summer I was asked to submit an editorial to LaPalme Magazine and ended up having my editorial published on an online exclusive! For the future, I’m definitely going to try to keep up with more photoshoots and reach out to more publications!”

What keeps Philip going is this quote by Alice Adams, the director for BuckeyeFit: “Trust the process, work the process, fail a little, get back up. It’s a journey, not a teleportation.”

To end this spotlight, we asked Philip what he’s grateful for this week. “Vitamin C,” he says, “because I cannot let this cold come back around to me again.”

See you in two weeks with another spotlight on a bright and passionate IBE student!! Go bucks!


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