An essential part of being an IA Scholar is learning how to interact with and navigate the world outside of Columbus and Ohio. Scholars are given two opportunities to develop these skills each academic year. The Eiffel Tower

The first opportunity to travel with the IA Program is our annual study abroad trip. Each spring semester IA partners with an academic unit on campus to provide students with the opportunity to take an area studies class on a specific region of the world.

During spring break the students and faculty travel to the country and/or region they spent the first seven weeks of the semester studying.

Past Scholars Abroad Programs have included traveling to Mexico, Bolivia, China, Czech Republic, and India.

The second opportunity is to travel to a domestic city, sometimes in collaboration with another Scholars Program, where Scholars will have access to professional, cultural, and social events with a focus on global affairs, public policy, education, and more.

Past Scholars Domestic Trips have included traveling to Washington, D.C., Toronto, New York City, and Atlanta.

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