Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Processes

Camelbak manufactures its products in its wholly-owned ISO-certified factories. Products are manufactured in both the United States and China.

Hydration packs and non-disposable water bottles are made from materials from all over the world. Polar Bottle, a hydration products company, manufactures its products in Boulder, Colorado and this is also where the warehouse is located and where all of the products are shipped from. As stated above, the Stainless Steel Half Twist Thermaluxe bottle is the only product that is sourced with parts from China and it is also manufactured in China. It would be very costly for Polar Bottles to manufacture this product in the United States, but Polar Bottles ensures that this bottle is manufactured responsibly.

Manufacturing Impacts

Polar Bottle’s mission statement expresses the company’s goals and missions for both the social and environmental sectors. This shows how concerned the company is with both of these issues. Socially, Polar Bottle aims to provide a high-quality product and exemplary customer service, give back to the community, be fair to the company’s employees, and be responsible with sourcing its materials (“Mission and Vision Statements”). Polar bottle attends many events to give back through the course of the year both in the local Boulder area, as well as national events. The company donates thousands of bottles to support sporting events, nonprofits, charities, and advocacy groups. In 2013, Polar Bottle donated about $200,000 in both cash and products to at least 14 groups (“Giving Back”).

The minimum wage in Colorado is $7.25, but the starting wage at Polar Bottle is $12. This is because the living wage for an adult living in Boulder, including health care is $12. Most employees only stay at this wage for only one pay period before they receive a raise, usually of a dollar or more (“Mission and Vision Statements.”

Polar Bottle is committed to sustainability. The company will only work with suppliers who are also committed to sustainability and share the same beliefs as the company. Polar bottle donates thousands of dollars to bicycling advocacy organizations and it is committed to reducing car emissions by promoting alternative transportation (“Mission and Vision Statements”).

Manufacturing for Polar Bottle and CamelBak

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