Distribution Methods

Distribution of goods are key to the success of a business. It is important that the company has great methods and locations that will allow the products to be shipped to the customers or retail stores in a timely manner in order to fulfill the requirements of customers. As with most Hydration Pack suppliers, CamelBak has one headquarters, which is located in Petaluma, CA. This headquarter office handles all of the business for the company as far as sales and the makings of the products. As far as specific distribution centers though, they have a large amount of them spread throughout the world, with three located within North America in Canada, Mexico and the United States. These three distribution centers, as well as others in different countries, helps with the distribution of hydration packs within their respective area which in turn removes any costs that comes with shipping from one country to another, for example shipping from the United States to Canada or Mexico. These distribution centers are located in San Diego, CA; Saint-Laurent, QC; and Coyoacan, Mexico, respectively. This method of having more distribution centers in other locations rather than just a few ones that distributed to farther locations was a wise one that is helping them save money (“About Us”).

Hydration Packs Distribution Centers

  • Osprey – Ogden, Utah
  • CamelBak – San Diego, CA; Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1A1; Coyoacan C:P, Mexico D.F. 4330 (“Distributors of CamelBak)
  • Dakine – Hood River, Oregon
  • Deuter – Longmont, Colorado, CA – V5G 4K4 Burnaby B.C.
  • Arc’teryx – San Diego, California

Figure 1. Distribution Center Locations

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.53.36 PM


Social and Environmental Impacts

  • Delivery Times
  • Transportation

There are two social/environmental impacts of Distribution of Hydration Packs that has great impact and they are the Delivery Times of the product and Transportation of the product. The Delivery Times are very key because it not only fulfills the customer requirement of having it on time but it also can either help or hinder your brand to the community. When products are delivered in the time that was announced then this will be a positive impact, if otherwise, the impact will be negative. The Transportation of the product is another impactful factor; if the product is properly packaged and loaded then there is a very low chance of any damages being done. Another big part of Transportation is how easily is it to transport products across the country or to another country if needed.


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