Predicting the Future

I’ve been reading this book over the past few years and recently picked it up again. It is hard to put it down. The author provides an honest discussion on the limits of prediction due to ontological and epistemological factors There is lots in here for systems thinkers, modelers and “Big Data” analysts.

Source: Predicting the Future

Big data often yields small returns. Here’s how to fix that

A few selected quotes.

“More data help only if they are representative of what we want to study.”

“No algorithm can overcome a question that is too broad or misplaced.”

“…it is difficult for nonexpert data consumers to know which methods to use to answer a question. As a consequence, assembly-line analysis is common; methods that amount to mass production are used over and over. And too many investigators count on the size of the data pool to straighten out any problems, which doesn’t always happen.”

Source: Big data often yields small returns. Here’s how to fix that

New partnership links datasets to improve food systems

Perhaps you’re eating an apple while reading this. How did that apple arrive at your hand? How far did it travel to get to your grocery store, cafeteria, or farmer’s market? How was the apple grown and processed? In a larger sense, how does the food sold in your neighborhood or region affect the health of the people there?

Two TDAI affiliates are helping to answer these questions in a unique collaboration between TDAI and the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT), two focus areas within the university’s Discovery Themes.

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Source: OSU TDA – Improving food systems