Welcome to the Computational Epidemiology Lab at The Ohio State University. The statements below capture the vision and mission of the lab. I invite you to find out more about the people and projects working towards achieving this vision and mission through the People and Projects pages.

Public health is my life.

I get up every morning to carry out the mission of public health in the service of all Ohioans.

I am passionate about finding solutions to complex public health issues, such as reproductive health, opioid addiction, and food insecurity.

Currently, public health systems and the workforce are in decline due to a lack of innovation and systems thinking. Therefore, we must think anew about how we carry out the mission of public health. I envision a future for public health that is proactive, data-driven, apolitical, equity-based, and grounded in community needs.

My contribution to this vision is to build innovative models and data analytics tools for public health practice in Ohio and beyond.