I’m looking for a Ph.D. or combined MA/Ph.D. student enrolled in Fall 2020 (application deadline: Nov 30 for international applicants; Dec 15 for domestic applicants). More details here. 

Below are my current research themes:

  • Sustainable transport and energy demand
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) and travel–activity demand
  • Travel-activity satisfaction, attitude, and emotions/mood
  • Built environment and physical/mental health

Keywords: transportation planning, health, built environment, travel behavior, ICT, demand modeling, activity patterns, psychological factors, active transportation, bicycling, walking, public transit, GIS, GPS


    • Oct 2019 @ ACSP conference (Greenville, SC): paper presentation “Travel Mode Choice and Well-Being Revisited: Tackling Mode Self-Selection Attitude and Satisfaction With Travel and Activities”.
    • Oct 2019 @ ACSP conference (Greenville, SC): roundtable “Examining Present and Future Challenges/Opportunities for Academic Women in the Geo-Spatial Sciences”.
    • Aug 2019 @ ISEE conference (Utrecht, Netherlands): “Spatial Predictions of Active Travel Based on Google Street View Imagery and Place of Interest Data” (Presenter & first author: S Hankey).
    • Aug 2019 @ ISEE conference (Utrecht, Netherlands): “How transport modes, the built and natural environment, and activities are associated with mood: A GPS smartphone app study” (First author: TE Glasgow. I’m unable to attend due to visa complication).