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Ohio State Newark

hupp_julie3 Developmental Psychology
Associate Professor & Psychology Area Coordinator
Office: Founders Hall 2044
Phone: 740-366-9179
E-mail: hupp.34@osu.edu
Departments: Newark Psychology & Columbus Psychology






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Research Statement & Selected Publications

My research program centers on how children focus their attention in linguistic contexts.  I am interested in how this attention changes with development and how it is used in processing language.  For example, when a child hears a particular class of word (e.g., verb) paired with visual information (e.g., moving object), to what do they attend (e.g., motion, shape), and how does this relate to their word learning?  Questions such as whether children attend to the same parts of words as do adults, and what may be the mechanism involved in this directed attention are of interest.  My research also examines whether children are attending to and using aspects of speech such as syntax (rules of language) and prosody (the way something is said) in similar ways as adults. For example, I investigate whether or not syntax and prosody play a role in children’s memory of linguistic information, and whether or not children use primed syntax or rate when producing their own speech.  In general, my research is centered on gaining insight into what cues children are attending to in their linguistic environment, and how this attention affects language acquisition.

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(Please contact me at hupp.34@osu.edu for any manuscript or poster)