Theatre/Film Arts & Improv Group


This group serves to bring the love of theatre and combine it with medicine in a variety of ways.  From a series of music video parodies, to skits, film festivals, cooking shows and improv groups, the love of theatre is always abounding.  We provide a place for people who want to have fun and practice their theatre, film, and improv abilities!

Current Leadership

  • Jared Squires (
  • Alex Liu (
  • Andrew Vidalis (


HiM Gala (2018)

Improv Group – Ro-sham-bo

Pathology Cooking Show

Cooking show 2016

“I’m a Surgeon and I Know it” (2015)

“Grade Expectations 2: Kevin’s Revenge” (2015)

“PSA” (2015)

“Babinski’ed” (2014)

“Comple(i)ment” (2014)

“Grade Expectations” (2014)

Grade Expectations

“What Does the Doc Say?” (2013)

“Dawn of the Hitchcock” (2013)