Student Section

Executive Committee/Core Group

♦ Katherine Benson
♦ Jodie Makara
♦ Mary McGrath
♦ Aneet Mattu
♦ Rohan Shah
♦ Alexander Weiss
♦ Nick Yoo

HiM Advisors: Tracie McCambridge and Sheryl Pfeil, MD

Art Committees

Dance in Medicine: Lauren Taylor
Ether Arts: Nick Yoo
MedArts Gallery Student Curator: Elizabeth Auckley and Rebecca Wyma
On Call Creations: Megan Pino
Photography: Phil Anjum
Professional School Orchestra: Akila Venkataramany, Matthew Lordo, Amy Woo, and Benjamin Hurford
Story Slam Society: Emma Clark and Jessie Nash
Theatre and Film Arts: Phil Anjum
Ultrasound A Capella: Sabrina Mackey-Alfonso, Shreekari Tadepalli, Michael Reusch, John Hosmer-Quint, and Lindsay Fannin
Visual Arts: Elizabeth Auckley and Rebecca Wyma
Writer’s Group: Nick Yoo

Service Committees

Bowen Circle: Jessica Munoz and Rana Elgazzar
Candy Apple Awards: Selina Deiparine, Nihaal Reddy, and Lowery Black
Cultural Cooking: Akila Venkataramany, Jerry Cui, Phil Pemberton, Dan Sosh, and Carly Sobol
Diversions to Inspire Nontraditional & Older Students (DINOS): Jess Pollock
Educators With Heart: Executive Board
Language and Culture Exchange (LACE): Vijay Shah, Phil Anjum, and Lauren Taylor
Life Events/Grief Support: Rohan Shah and Sarah Addison
M1 Fall Retreat: Executive Board
MedPaws: Bea Carbone and Anjali Doshi
Gateway to Columbus: Ken Pechtl and Ty Gilkey
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK): Aneet Mattu
Somali Health Initiative for Nutrition Education (SHINE): Hafza Inshaar, Hendrik Stegall, Jodie Makara, Devon Harvey, Lyshuand Smith, Yongkang Zhang, Alex Weiss, Douglas Wu, Tommy Mengesha, and Victoria House

M1-M2 Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program pairs M1s with M2 mentors and coordinates longitudinal activities. This includes Longitudinal Support, Orientation Reveal, and Recruitment and Matching.

Havi Rosen, Bea Carbone, Margaret Wingo, Melissa Ardizzone, Jonathan Wright, and Kenan Alzouhayli