Educators with Heart


Educators with Heart is a student-driven program designed to honor the education staff through RAK, Candy Apple Awards, and art-related workshops.


Initially, the group members decided to bring to the workplace personal interests that would help us reach out to each other as partners in work and members of the medical center community.  To that end, members of the education mission staff designed interest groups and events to further their ability to build strong relationships in their work community that supported their personal and professional growth.


The Educators with Heart Board sponsors a “thank you” event each year for the staff.

Our 2013 event featured flying pancakes and a service project focused on creating cards for hospitalized patients.

In 2014, we had an origami workshop.  Other events/interest group activities involved sports events, favorite books, sessions on parenting, walks at the dog park, lunches with co-workers, and an action group centered on creating a humanistic environment in which to work.  The Educators with Heart Board also oversaw The Faces of Medical Education, Staff Section.

The 2014-2015 academic year transformed Educators with Heart into a program administered by medical students to offer increased recognition for staff, and thank you events like a Hershey Bar Raking Event in February and a summer workshop from the Education Team at Urban Arts.

The 2015-2016 academic year brought the education staff together for an Urban Arts Space workshop and RAKing (Random Acts of Kindness) events from the medical students to thank the staff for their commitment to the education mission.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, we gathered to learn how to paint on glass and design and make decorative paper flowers.  We also had a session on the Art of Gratitude including the introduction of the Gratitude Friday program.

In the past two seasons we have added more arts workshops and an annual cupcake decorating celebration from Our Cupcakery. The medical students also plan Random Acts of Kindness for the staff and create ways to say a special thanks to all those who serve the education mission.