Courage to Teach

Teaching in the medical school environment can be enlightening, challenging and rewarding. Whether standing in front of over 200 medical students in the lecture hall or teaching a small group of students and residents at the bedside, it takes time and commitment to become a teaching member of our faculty.  To honor these dedicated teachers, Dr. Wiley ‘Chip’ Souba, former Dean of the College of Medicine, in collaboration with Dr. Linda Stone founded Courage to Teach.

Finding faculty that have a passion for medical education and a dedication to servant leadership is the mission of this part of the Humanism in Medicine Initiative. Faculty members are recognized with a golden apple pin for their white coat, and a copy of Parker Palmer’s book, the Courage to Teach.  Members of this prestigious group have been honored through the Faces of Medical Education Project and are featured in medical center media including our Humanism in Medicine website.