Candy Apple Awards


Candy Apple Awards are a recognition for students elected by their peers who have gone above and beyond for their peers.  These are designated for students demonstrating humanistic behaviors and past honorees include those who have spent significant time teaching others class material, sending out study guides to the entire class, and individuals who have helped those going through significant life events.  All nominators remain anonymous.

Current Leadership

  • Allison Akers (
  • Olivia Crowe (
  • Zoey Del Pinto (

Award Recipients


Dr. Laura Boucher (faculty), Diana Bahner (staff)

Class of 2023: Quais Hassan

Class of 2021: Allison Akers, Brad Feldman, Habeeb Saura, Jasneet Singh, Jordan Noble, Kelsey Parks, Kirsten Boone, Kyle Mellinger, Naima Hashi, Pamela Benavidez, Dr. Chris Pierson (faculty), Kelly-Ann Perry (staff), Meredith DeLuca (anatomy TA), Spiro Verija (anatomy TA)

Class of 2019
: Alex Hsieh, Caitlin Handy, Ellen Schleckman, Grace Chen, Haley Herman, Jessica Williams, Megha Chiruvella, Michael Howell, Nate Lundy, Rachel Welch, Radhika Chalasani, Sarah Hatch, Shilpa Sridhar, Tim Wetzel, Wana Mathieu, Zach Dawson, Sandy Brundage

Class of 2018: Alexander Yaney, Maya Armstrong, Ramya Baddigam, Michael Baggett, Tyler Hyman, Charisma Kaushik, Elizabeth Kudlaty, Christine Orser, Tirth Patel, Max (Nicholas) Scoville, Cameron Sheehan, Stacey Zhang, Christopher Zheng, Alek Adkins

Cardiopulmonary Disorders

Class of 2023: Farbod Fazlollahi

Class of 2021: Belle Fontem, Colin Cloock, Hannah Harris, Jared Squires, Tony Boualoy, Dr. Mary Beth Fontana (faculty), Dr. Troy Schaffernocker (faculty), Ashley Aslo (anatomy TA)

Class of 2019: Andrea Hesse, Ashley Gibson, Bernard Wen, Charles McCombs, Clair Sulerzyski, Hannah Fox, James Kachmar, Sandy Brundage, Wendelyn Oslock

Class of 2017: Tomas Guerrero

Neurological Disorders

Class of 2021: Amara Decker, Katelyn Walsh, Varun Shah, Zoey Del Pinto, Dr. Paul Webber (faculty)

Class of 2019: Adriana Giuliani, Aliza Spaeth-Cook, Daisha Ortega, Erika Reese, Kym Forsyth, Lindsay Boles, Maria Ceron y Ceron, Nicole Wenger, Samara Lieberman, Seth Klein, Simeng Miao, Youssra Saqr

Class of 2017: Tomas Guerrero


Class of 2017: Tomas Guerrero

Class of 2018: Donnie Thomas, Anna Askari


Class of 2018: Lena Shay