Bowen Circle


In 2015, the Bowen Circle joined our Humanism in Medicine Family.  This group focuses on celebrating the legacy of Dr. Clotilde Bowen and selecting the Bowen Award honoree.  Dr. Clotilde Bowen was a strong and selfless leader, a woman truly ahead of her time: she was the first African American female to graduate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1947, she became the first female physician in the United States Army in 1956 when she served as a pulmonary specialist at Valley Forge, PA, and she became the first female commander of a military hospital when she was assigned to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN, to name just a few of her outstanding accomplishments.  This award has been designed to recognize a current female student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine who exemplifies many of the same characteristics as Dr. Clotilde Bowen: one who is a pioneer, who stays strong in the face of adversity, and who is a leader to the community around her.

Current Leadership

  • Adriana Giuliani (

Founding Members

  • Dr. Caroline Berglund – IM, U. of Michigan
  • Dr. Claudia Chou – Neurology, Mayo Clinic – Rochester
  • Dr. Melissa MacDonald – IM, U. of Wisconsin
  • Dr. Amenze Osa – Ophthalmology, Ohio State
  • Dr. Katie Phillips – ENT, Harvard
  • Dr. Barbie Reichart – Dermatology, Case Western
  • Dr. Pankti (Shah) Reid – Rheumatology, U. Chicago
  • Dr. Jodi (Stewart) Oostra – General Surgery, OhioHealth Riverside
  • Dr. Linda Stone – Family Medicine, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians

Past Award Winners

  • Medical Students
    • 2017: Jessica Munoz
      • Honorable mention: Constance Chapman, Caitlin Coombes, Shannon Fayson, Starling Tolliver
    • 2016: Adriana Giuliani
      • Runner-up: Cindy Chang, Charisma Kaushik
    • 2015: Dr. Stephanie Angel
      • Runner-up: Dr. Tyler Hyman
    • 2014: Dr. Antoinette Pusateri
      • Runners-up: Dr. Sarah Adelman, Dr. Leslie Pillow
    • 2013: Dr. Rogette Esteve
      • Runners-up: Dr. Britney Payton, Dr. Necrisha Roach, Dr. Lauren Sall, Dr. Olga Borodulin
    • 2012: Dr. Korkor Sackey
      • Honorable mentions: Dr. Jodi (Stewart) Oostra, Dr. Pankti (Shah) Reid
  • Residents
    • 2017: Dr. Eliza Beal
      • Honorable mentions: Dr. Francesca Duncan, Dr. Sophia Tolliver
    • 2016: Dr. Amenze Osa
  • Faculty
    • 2017: Dr. Linda Stone

Sara Adelman, Stephanie Angel, Dr. Olga Borodulin, Cindy Chang, Dr. Rogette Esteve, Adriana Giuliani, Preeta Gupta, Tyler Hyman, Charisma Kaushik, Wana Mathieu, Dr. Amenze Osa, Dr. Leslie Pillow, Dr. Antoinette Pusateri, Jessica Rutsky, Dr. Lauren Salt, Dr. Korkor Sackey

Valerie Blackwell-Truitt
Dr. Sheryl Pfeil
Dr. Linda Stone