Humanism & the Arts in Medicine’s primary function is to provide arts programming to the seven health science colleges and the Medical Center community. The program also provides recognition, service, and interprofessional collaboration opportunities to for the College of Medicine students, faculty and staff.

“Arts and humanities are essential to the human experience and their benefits to medical education go far beyond joys and pleasures.” –  AAMC FRAHME program.


To create a more humanistic environment in which to care for our patients, educate our students and residents and pursue meaningful research.


To empower current and emerging health professionals to lead ethical, fulfilling lives informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion and respect for individual dignity.

Medicine and the Arts Board: 

The med arts board is comprised of over 20 members of the Medical Center and local arts community. The boards primary function is to create, plan, and administer the med arts programming for each academic year.

Courage to Teach:

To foster and nurture the creation of a community of medical education faculty and residents that honors the contribution of each individual, that celebrates a diversity of teaching and learning styles and supports a humanistic environment in which to teach and learn.

Humanism & the Arts in Medicine Research Committee:

The research committee is comprised of research oriented faculty members from around the medical center with a passion for Humanism and the Arts in Medicine. They serve as a resource for others interested in Humanism and the Arts in Medicine research and as a catalyst for conducting their own research into the outcomes of Humanism and the Arts programming in medical education.

Humanism in Medicine Student Organizations:

The Humanism & the Arts in Medicine program provides administrative and financial support to student organizations related to the arts or community service. Providing students with an outlet for their creative and/or altruistic passions and creating opportunities for them to develop leadership skills.

Humanism in Medicine Resident Section:

To create a medical center home for medical residents that embodies the Humanism in Medicine vision through the expansion of Courage to Teach and the establishment of a resident chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.