Year in Review

I began college feeling excited because I was starting a new chapter of my life. The most interesting and difference experience I had in the past year was living with a roommate, not only sharing a space together but actually sleeping in the same room as someone else. It was definitely an adjustment having to rearrange your sleep schedule but it was an experience that I’m thankful that I had. Having a roommate taught me how to compromise but also gave me my first friend at college. The first semester I was a psychology major; however, over winter break I realized that I’m really interested in criminology and so that’s what I changed my major to. I also decided to minor in clinical psychology. This year has taught me that I’m honestly not completely sure what I want to do with my life and that’s okay, a lot of people don’t. This year has also taught me how to be resilient with my school work, not only staying on top of everything but also continuing to work hard even when you’re not satisfied with the results. My main piece advice for an incoming first year student is to find a balance- life experiences are just as important as an education. Don’t focus too much on getting perfect grades because then you won’t have a social life. But also don’t focus too much on going out because then you won’t have good grades. It’s not easy but I think it’s essential to find a balance between the two in order to really enjoy the college experience.

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